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Local people with growing roots. We are committed to the community of Guelph and Southern Ontario because we live here! 

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Steve Dyck

President of Guelph Solar


"The sun shines for everyone - it is a very democratic power system. I am committed to a fair and just society and installing solar in my community is an expression of this hope."

Steve enjoys politics, especially working to bring the left and right together, is active in the Citizens Climate Lobby, and was a candidate in the 2011 provincial and 2019 federal elections. He enjoys morning walks along Guelph waterways with his partner and wife Vera, who is a psychotherapist. For Steve, giving back to the community gives him joy. He is involved with Syrian sponsorship, Bridges Out of Poverty, multi-faith initiatives, and FairVote. Steve founded Guelph Solar in 2009 after a fulfilling career in the automotive industry.

Michelle 3

Michelle Gill

General Manager


Michelle holds a Bachelor of Administration and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University. She also earned a graduate diploma in ‘Business and the Environment’ and a certificate in ‘Green Project Management’. Michelle had many years of professional experience in various sectors before making the switch to the environmental sector in 2012. She has since worked with several Ontario-based solar companies before joining Guelph Solar in 2022. Michelle’s passion for the environment largely stems from her 20+ years as an avid scuba diver, having witnessed the devastating effects of climate change on our oceans. When she isn’t travelling and discovering underwater wonders, Michelle can be found at a yoga, meditation, or dance class, or exploring the trails of Guelph with her 4-year-old rescue dog from Bali, Indonesia.

Darya Barbir

Darya Barbir

Financial Manager


Darya holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph. She joined Guelph Solar in 2017 after working for over 13 years in the investment industry. Darya aspires to share with others the benefits of solar as an individual investment and an investment in our community. Outside of work, Darya enjoys dancing and is an active member of the Latin dance community in the Guelph region.

paul 2021

Paul Chambers

Master Electrician


Paul Chambers is a Master Electrician with a passion for renewable energy. He holds a Bachelors of Education from McGill University and has taught apprentices and journeymen electricians at Algonquin College, IBEW local 582, and Sheridan College. He has also taught off-grid solar. He is a MOL certified health and safety member, Photovoltaic Systems Instructor, and has held a fire alarm electrician license. Paul has built on his passion for solar energy as Pure Energies’ Master Electrician and Project Manager to NRG Home Solar Master Electrician and then as Operations and Maintenance Manager for Canada. He is also President and founder of Chambers Electrical & Solar Energy Incorporated. Competitive sports are also a passion for Paul. Winning the Vanier Cup in 1987 with the McGill Redmen and winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze for Canada at three consecutive World Ultimate Championships are accomplishments in which he takes great pride. Paul is excited to part of Guelph Solar’s team connecting customers to their green energy future.

Peter crop

Peter Hansen

Journeyperson Electrician


Peter holds a Bachelors degree from Trent University in Environmental Resource Studies and Politics and a diploma in Energy Systems Engineering Technology from Conestoga College. His passion for the environment stems from growing up on a small organic farm and learning about the importance of our interactions with nature. Peter enjoys interacting with customers and sharing his knowledge of Ontario's solar strategy.

Matt 2021

Matthew Loi

Electrical Apprentice


Matthew earned a diploma in Energy-Systems Engineering Technology from Conestoga College in 2016. He continued his career-path into renewable energy immediately working as a solar technician. He now works as an electrical apprentice for Guelph solar connecting solar installations into the homes of our customers. Matthew takes pride in knowing he’s done the best and safest possible work as well as leaving customers satisfied with their new solar systems.

Cooper 2

Cooper Beres

Electrical Apprentice

Cooper has a Renewable Energies Technician diploma from Niagara College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Guelph. He joined Guelph Solar out of a desire to be involved with the solar industry and its growth potential in addition to the great working culture here. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and baking, travelling and the outdoors with his wife, and cars.

spencer noble solar sales

Spencer C Noble

Sales Manager


Spencer graduated with a diploma in Diesel Mechanics from Fanshawe College in 2014, and soon after, went on to coordinate the fleet of Canada’s largest logistic firm. As one of the younger members of Guelph Solar, Spencer feels particularly fortunate to be in a forward-thinking industry that he believes will have a lasting impact on our environment. In addition, Spencer enjoys the opportunity of creating meaningful customer relationships while working closely on a given project. In his spare time, Spencer enjoys fishing, golfing, and going on long hikes with his dog, and best friend, Levi.


Chris Gorman

Sales and Project Coordinator


Chris holds a certificate in Renewable Energy Techniques from Conestoga College in addition to a diploma from Sir Sanford Fleming College. He joined Guelph Solar in 2017 after his initial 3 years in the business as a Lead Installer/Technician in the Oakville area. Dedicated to ensuring the highest job-site safety practices, Chris also enjoys interacting with customers. His dedication to solar includes installing a 7.7kW solar PV system on his own home himself. Prior to entering the world of clean energy, Chris worked for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club.

Melissa 2

Melissa Lehman

Sales and Project Coordinator

Melissa has a joint bachelor's degree in Recreation & Business from the University of Waterloo and many years of experience in sales and project management. She loves meeting new people and helping them see their projects through to completion. She enjoys spending time with her family at Lake Huron, hiking, and is a cycling enthusiast. Melissa is excited to be part of a team making a positive impact on the environment and building a more sustainable world for future generations.


Karanbir Singh

Project Manager


Karan has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario and also holds a postgraduate certificate in Business management from Niagara college. He always wanted to work for a company which would allow him to contribute to society for a brighter future, therefore he joined Guelph Solar in the beginning of 2021. Mostly he enjoys the friendly environment among the colleagues and continuous learning with new gadgets.


Leo Gimenez

Technical Sales/Project Manager


Leo has a BASc in Chemical Engineering with an Option in Management Science from the University of Waterloo. He has always been passionate about green energy technologies, having worked on the University of Waterloo's Midnight Sun Solar Car team, performing graduate-level research on Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and undergraduate-level research on hydrogen fuel cells, culminating with joining Guelph Solar in 2021. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and other outdoor sports, investing, and spending time with his wife and pets.


Arsalan Said Hassan (Ash)

Operations Supervisor


Ash joined Guelph Solar as an Installer in April 2020 after graduating with a Renewable Energy Diploma from Conestoga College. He was promoted to the position of Operations Supervisor after demonstrating his expertise, care, and dedication to the Guelph Solar mission. In his spare time, Ash likes to swim, play soccer, and ride his bicycle with his family. His children are his greatest pride and joy, and they often proudly tell their friends that “My dad builds solar!” Ash loves working at Guelph Solar because everyone is passionate about saving the planet, and the company is dedicated to developing and empowering its employees. He takes pride in his work at Guelph Solar knowing that it creates a tangible, positive impact for our community and the future of his kids.

Kye 2

Kye Hamilton

Lead Solar Technician

Kye started working with Guelph Solar in late 2020. He enjoys providing clean green energy to the community. Kye also enjoys the installation work and likes working with the solar team. When he's not installing solar, you'll find him playing hockey, soccer, skiing and being outdoors.

Nick 2021

Nick Frey

Solar Technician

Nick became interested in solar power while serving as a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship and living in Kinshasa, DR Congo, for 9 years. Solar panels, batteries, and off-grid systems were part of his daily life! The love of sustainable energy mixed with his generational construction and roofing background lead him to Guelph Solar in the fall of 2020, when he and his family returned to Canada to settle in Guelph. Whether it’s being on a roof or flying an airplane, Nick loves being close to the sun ;)

Cameron Kingsland

Cameron Kingsland

Solar Technician

Cameron is a graduate of Conestoga College with a diploma in Renewable Energy Techniques. His love for the outdoors and renewable energy led him to start his career with Guelph Solar in January 2023. When he's not working on renewable energy solutions, Cameron enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and playing sports like soccer and volleyball. He is also passionate about photography, travelling, and playing video games. With his expertise in renewable energy techniques and his passion for sustainability, Cameron is a valuable addition to the Guelph Solar team.


Mehul Wadekar

Solar Technician

Mehul is an electrical engineering graduate from Gujarat Technological University, India, with a diploma in Applied Energy Management from Conestoga College. He is passionate about renewable energy and wants to make all homes self-sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint and creating a greener planet. His skills in electrical engineering and applied energy management make him the ideal candidate for your renewable energy needs. Mehul also loves to play and watch soccer, with F.C. Barcelona being his favourite team, and reading books by Dan Brown.


Misha Winterfeld

Solar Technician and Sales

Misha was born in Georgia but spent his formative years in Waterloo, ON. He enjoyed a career in exotic wildlife rescue before shifting to renewable energy. As an environmentalist, he aims to make a positive impact, advocating for clean technologies and engaging with communities in the transition to sustainable energy. In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with his community of friends.

Aaron Liberty

Aaron Liberty

Solar Technician

Aaron Liberty graduated from the University of Guelph in 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with his friends, and playing competitive video games. He envisions a world where humans and nature coexist in a healthy manner, and he believes that solar energy is an essential and lasting solution to the problems facing our world today.

amber 2021

Amber Dyck

Marketing Assistant


As Steve's daughter, Amber has been around solar projects from a young age. She first became an installer in the summer of 2016, and has helped out with various projects since then. She has a bachelors in Environmental Science, and Masters in Biology (frog health in agriculture ditches). Amber lives on Manitoulin Island, where she farms, builds community, and helps out with solar projects (mostly remotely). Fun fact, Steve and Amber used discarded solar pool panels to make mobile shelters for Amber's sheep last summer!

Ian Rosa

Ian Rosa

Solar Monitoring


Ian holds a Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Recreation and is a Wilderness First Responder. He has worked as a Program Manager and Guide for various wilderness therapy programs throughout the US and Canada. Ian joined the Guelph Solar Team in 2013 and since has been on hundreds of roofs installing all types of electric and solar thermal systems. He enjoys working with customers to customize their solar arrays and oversees the safety and quality of the installations. Ian enjoys being a member of the Guelph community and getting outdoors whenever possible.