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We think we're pretty good at what we do. But you don't have to take our word for it. Check out what others have to say about our fantastic solar energy systems. For more testimonials, please see our Google Reviews.

I considered many installers for a solar PV system for our home in downtown Toronto. I hesitated going with Guelph Solar, just because of the distance, but they were competitive on cost and great to deal with in the early stages. I don't regret my decision. We're up and running, and I'm very happy. Everyone I dealt with was friendly, helpful and professional. Any time I had questions (and I had plenty), I got very prompt and thorough responses. A few issues arose along the way, although nothing major. Some were beyond Guelph Solar's control. But whether the cause was within their control or not, they made the issue their problem to solve, not mine. I felt throughout that I was in very good hands. I would happily recommend Guelph Solar.
Tim M., Toronto
Homeowner, Solar Net Metering System, 11/2021

Guelph Solar installed a beautiful solar installation for my home. They took care of everything (permits, applications to the utility, electrical, procurement, installation, inspections) from start to finish. They were easy to work with, pleasant, and professional. When my neighbours come by to ask how their houses can be the envy of the block too, I won't hesitate to recommend Guelph Solar.

Thomas Liegh, Hamilton
Homeowner, Solar Net Metering System, 10/2021

When the system is paid for, the income generated from her solar business will be equivalent to the rest of our property tax plus a vacation. Our retirement plan just got a boost. At the end of our contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) our home will provide its own power.
Lloyd Longfield, Guelph
From his article pub. 08/21/2014, GCC Moving Business Forward


I have been meaning to get back to you all at Guelph Solar to tell you about the great job your team did in the spring putting solar panels on my roof at 46 James Street West. I remember the thrill when the first check arrived from Guelph Hydro to say that I had earned nearly $900 on the Guelph Solar installation you put in this summer. I have great admiration for the way that your company is organized and for the competent and pleasant people who did what they said they would do, on time and within the estimated budget. I can unreservedly recommend Guelph Solar to other householders as the best available investment in these days of low interest rates.

Michael Gilbertson, Guelph
Homeowner, Solar microFIT, 06/2016

Guelph Solar, thanks for an exceptional experience throughout the installation process - great customer service!
Karen Farbridge and Peter Cameron, Guelph
Homeowners, Solar MicroFIT, 06/2015


Just thought I would give you an update. Pool heater is working great, never had the pool this warm. It was a pleasure working with you, and I would highly recommend your company.
Floyd Gibbons, Branchton
Homeowner, Solar pool heater
Securing the OPA contract is probably the hardest part of the MicroFIT Process. Steve made himself available in person, by phone, email and text to help me work through the required paperwork. His experience in dealing with both the OPA and Guelph Hydro made this process a breeze. From my initial meeting with Steve through to final connection, I found Guelph Solar to be very approachable and organized. They met all there promised deadlines and kept me in the loop along the way. Steve was flexible enough to allow me to be part of the installation process.
Fraser Burton, Guelph
Homeowner, Solar MicroFIT, 09/2013


Working with Guelph Solar from the initial idea to the up and going has been a pleasure throughout. Each person has been professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. They have educated me and taken care of each detail quickly and thoughtfully. I would strongly recommend them to anyone else!
Donna McCaw, Elora
Homeowner, Solar MicroFIT, 03/2015


Guelph Solar was a pleasure to work with! Our solar project was not a typical project and had a few more complications as we were also building a structure to put the panels on. Steve was a life saver for this project. His practical, common sense approach was key. He was dedicated to making sure our project met the required timeline goals and it didn't matter the time of day or the day of the week; he was here in a flash when we needed advice. The installers were also very respectful, knowledgeable and approachable. I highly recommend Guelph Solar to anyone thinking about solar. You won't be disappointed with the service.
Ami Dehne, Guelph
Homeowner, Solar microFIT, 10/2013
It makes economic sense when you do all the calculations of money you're going to save and the government has a good subsidy program. Our payback is 3.5 years and our return on investment is high. These things all together convinced us it was the right thing to do. It's hard to invest your money in something and get your pay back that fast. I think it makes a lot of sense both financially and environmentally for people to do.
Martin De Groot, Mapleton's Organic Dairy, Moorefield
Solar water heating, 2011


I am just over the moon with how well the solar pool heater works. We had a bad experience with our other pool heater. But your (Guelph Solar) system works. I can hardly get the kids out of the pool. That is why we have a pool. And I like it too. It was over 90F yesterday. And I like how efficient it is. Thanks!
L. Cressman, Kitchener
Homeowner, Solar pool heater
Guelph Solar Mechanical Inc. helped Guelph Campus Co-op identify and access grants that were hard to find. Steve is an expert in sustainable energy project development, from system design to obtaining the renewable energy grants. Guelph Solar Mechanical Inc. designed and installed systems on five of our apartment buildings - and they work!
Tom Klein Beernink, Guelph
Guelph Campus Co-op, Solar water heating
Steve Dyck of Guelph Solar Mechanical provided consultation and installation services for an evacuated tube solar hot water system for my home-office in Fall 2009. I was very happy with Steve's technical review of various components and design considerations that I had proposed. Steve provided critical thought and modifications to equipment required for my domestic water and space heating application. I have also been very pleased with the performance of the system's performance which has seen 100% of our domestic needs satisfied while a reasonable contribution to space heating via infloor hydronics and hot water radiators was observed in winter months.
Ben Polley, Guelph
President - Evolve Builders Group
Steve Dyck of Guelph Solar Hot Water installed a Domestic Solar Hot Water system at the Loyola House Retreat Centre. Loyola Retreat Centre operates year round and offers 50 rooms plus a commercial kitchen. Mr. Dyck designed the system and completed the EcoEnergy Commercial Deployment grant application on our behalf. On sunny days the solar storage tank will reach operating temperature. I am pleased with the quality of work and service that Mr. Dyck provided.
James Profit, Guelph
Director of Ignatius Jesuit Centre