GS House icon  Why Guelph Solar?

Everyone has their thoughtful, unique reasons for purchasing solar panels. Maybe you are looking at installing solar panels on your home or business because you want to save money and divert a greater portion of your financial resources toward the people you love. Perhaps you are concerned about the state of our environment and want to safeguard the planet for the people you love.

Whatever your thoughts, however,you seek to balance your ecological or budgetary motives, your central concerns are connected to people. You care about saving money or saving the world, but people are your priority.

So the first answer to Why Guelph Solar? Is OUR people.


The attention to people at Guelph Solar begins with President Steve Dyck. He is a dynamic leader who wants the best for his customers, his employees, our province and our planet. Whether it is Steve’s commitment to our community by supporting a host of charitable and neighbourhood-building efforts or his passion for making environmentally aware choices, you will find Steve ready to help you go green.

Employee_Owned_Sunburst_Blue_TransparentSteve has gathered together a team of people that are dedicated, creative, educated and informed. Your panels and your installation will not be in the hands of contractors, your installation will be carried out by Guelph Solar staff; problem-solving, experienced pros, every one of them.

Guelph Solar has been in business since 2009 and our stature has grown every year. We are known and trusted in the community and are especially proud of being awarded the 2016 Excellence in Business Award from the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. Our customers are thrilled with their Guelph Solar experience. Check out the testimonials, as customer after customer praises the process that ends with you owning your power. Come aboard. Remember, we put the sun to work for you.

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