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Knowing you are Saving Money

Solar Energy can be used in a variety of different applications throughout your residence. Please explore this page to find out how you can put these applications to work to save you money, and help the environment, all while having the help of the Guelph Solar team to keep your systems working like new.

Guelph Solar Net Metering IconSolar PV Panels

Use clean energy from the sun to generate your own clean electricity with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels. Reduce or even eliminate your reliance on Hydro.

Save up to 90% off your Hydro bill with Net Metering, by sending your excess energy to the grid in return for credits on your Hydro bill.

Solar PV panels reduce the impact electric vehicles and appliances can have on your energy bills.

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Solar Roof with Tree

Guelph Solar Residential PVPremium Solar Roof Solution

Looking for a new roof? It is a perfect time to install solar when you are reroofing your home or business. Why not install a roofing and solar solution that lowers your electricity bills and helps the environment at the same time?

Guelph Solar’s innovative Premium Solar Roof is a roofing and solar solution that pays for itself!

What is a Premium Solar Roof? Simply put it is a Premium Metal Roof combined with a solar panel system that creates a beautiful money saving machine. Guelph Solar will install a long-lasting metal roof under your solar panels along with a lower profile racking design that will result in a beautiful, low profile, installation.

What are the benefits of a Premium Solar Roof?

  • 40 year warranty.
  • Low Profile design is aesthetically pleasing and has the added benefit of being rodent proof – no need to buy critter guard for your solar system.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other roofing material including steel, steel tile, asphalt. In the future, if you need to reroof you can reroof around your solar panel system.
  • Locally made products.
  • Reduces the future cost of roofing. No need to remove and reinstall solar panels when reroofing.


Find out more in our Blog

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Off-Grid & Zero Export Systems

Guelph Solar designs and installs custom off-grid systems with battery backup. Off-grid systems are ideal for cottages or remote properties that have no access to power or where power would be too expensive to install.

We also install zero export solar panel systems with or without batteries. Zero export systems stay connected to the grid, however, the solar energy produced is consumed in the moment, or stored in a battery. A zero export meter is installed to ensure no power is ever exported to the grid. A zero export system is ideal for properties that consume high amounts of energy during the day. Producing your own solar energy is the cheaper and environmentally friendly option.

Electrical Contracting

ECRA/ESA 7013540

Guelph Solar is a Licensed Electrical Contractor, and we abide by all Canadian and Provincial Electrical codes and practices. Our in-house electricians provide outstanding customer service for all electrical projects.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Whole Home Electrical service

Smart Home Specialization

Whole Home Surge Protection

New Service and Service Upgrades

Audio/Video/Low voltage wiring 

Appliance hook-ups

Benefits of Net Metering

NM Schematic

Net metering can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every year, so it’s a good reason to make the money-saving choice and go solar sooner rather than later.

  • Join the 1000's of people in Ontario producing solar power. 
  • Systems are designed to match your hydro usage. 
  • No more Time-of-Use rates.
  • Why own your solar system? Your home value goes up.
  • As energy prices rise, your solar value goes up. 
  • Clean air saves lives.
  • The price of sunlight is zero.
  • Solar creates Canadian jobs, and supports families.

Guelph Solar Net Metering IconNet Metering

Lower Your Hydro Bill Using Clean Power from the Sun


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We all want lower utility bills. With Net Metering you can reduce your hydro bill substantially.

Net Metering is a utility billing mechanism available in Ontario that offers a credit to residential and business customers, who are making excess electricity with their solar panel systems and sending it back to the grid. This results in lower hydro bills year-round.

How Does Net Metering Work?

When you have a rooftop solar system, the electricity it produces is used right in your own home as it is being generated. Your solar can often generate more electricity than you consume during daylight hours. This excess can be sent to the grid in exchange for a credit on your bill. In the evenings you will purchase it back from the grid. 

With net metering, the homeowner is only billed for the “net” energy used each month, that is, the difference between the energy produced by the solar power system and the energy consumed by the house over the monthly billing period. 

In the summer, you will produce more electricity than you will use. The excess will be sent to the grid, resulting in a credit balance on your hydro account. You can use this credit in the winter when you will be using more electricity from the grid because of shorter daylight hours.

Let us show you how

Tesla Powerwall 2

New logo a

Tesla Powerwall/ battery

Tesla Powerwall 2

Guelph Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we now offer a customized solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels.

Learn more about Tesla Powerwall 2 here or take a look at their Brochure for more information.

Contact us to find out more

Pool Heating with Solar

Heating your pool with the sun just makes sense.  But with today's smart technology, it makes sense to do more than just heat your pool with the sun.  We have installed low-tech solar pool heaters for many years, but have decided to encourage our customers to consider heating their pools with air source heat pumps and to use their roofs to power their heat pumps and homes all year round.  Using your roof to heat your pool for just a few months a year seems to be a waste when we have high-quality solar electric solutions that have a great business case.  Solar electric power for your home can heat your pool, power your lights and refrigerator, and charge your car.  Be powerful!
We continue to be here to service your solar pool heating needs.  We want all solar stories to be good news stories - we are here for you. 

Guelph Solar Maintenance / Service IconMaintenance / Service

We provide maintenance services for all solar applications: FIT, MicroFIT, Net Metering, Battery Back-up, Solar Thermal, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Trackers.

Maintenance services include:

  • System performance testing and verification on panels and inverters.
  • Audit energy production
  • Mechanical and electrical inspection and repairs
  • Snow removal - Please check our blog to learn more about our snow removal services!
  • Emergency on-call service
  • Coordinate warranty repairs
  • Routine, quarterly or semi-annual  electrical and mechanical preventive maintenance or cleaning as desired
  • Repair from pest damage and install guards to keep pests out. To learn more please check our blog!
  • Roof replacement
  • Solar panel removal and reinstall

We will always provide you with clear feedback, outlining key issues, a report on performed work and recommendations for moving forward.

If you have a maintenance job please contact us to discuss or fill out our Maintenance Intake Form.

Guelph Solar Enery / Electricity IconSense Solar Home Energy Monitor

Sense Logo


Sense Home Monitoring App

See What’s Up. Know What’s On.

We believe you don’t need to have a smart home to have an intelligent home. Sense is a simple box installed in an electric panel that provides real-time remote monitoring of home energy use and solar production through an intuitive smartphone app. It can also help homeowners understand their energy use by showing them what devices are on and how much power each one is using.

Key Features

Whole-home energy monitoring from anywhere in the world

Remote access to high-resolution power monitoring on any web browser, iOS or Android device through the free Sense apps. Track watts like you track footsteps.

Track solar production and energy use side-by-side

Monitor which appliances use the most energy and identify patterns over time. Identify ways to maximize your solar investment. View in watts, kWh, or dollars and cents.

Check in on your home

Use Sense to check in on your home while you’re away. Did you remember to shut off the oven? Is the sump pump running during a rain storm? When did the kids get home?

Start monitoring your home today!

Guelph Solar Sun IconFAQ - Solar PV

Here are some common questions and answers. Please get in touch if you have other questions which are not covered here.

Yes. We can arrange financing, however, we recommend you first attempt to arrange financing from your preferred financial institution - your mortgage provider, typically - as they will already have a credit profile for you, and you will likely get the best possible interest rate.

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Replacing your shingles right before a solar install is a fantastic time to do it because the shingles will last many years longer with panels protecting them. That said, if your shingles are in good condition, you will not need to replace them, as the panels will keep them protected and in good condition for many years.

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Yes. The panels and solar optimizers come with a 25-year warranty, while the inverter has a 12 year, extendible warranty.

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Yes an older home can support solar. Before installing we perform a structural assessment and determine if any work is needed.

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We call Guelph home but do service in the surrounding region including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Burlington, Oakville, Puslinch, Milton, and rural areas. We do also service outside of the Guelph region including Toronto, Owen Sound, Meaford and southern Ontario.

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Typical payback for a net metered solar system is 12 -16 years. Variables include if you tend to consume more energy during the day when electricity costs are higher, as well as roof orientation and shading.

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Many reviews are showing that the value of a property with solar is increased. In the United States, the value of the home is increased by $4 per watt of installed solar power (New York Times, Feb, 2016). More research is needed in Canada, but the trend is here too!

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Maximum production occurs when the sun is highest. On a daily basis, production starts at sunrise, reaches its peak around noon, then declines until it reaches zero at sunset.  During the year the sun provides the most energy around the summer solstice (June 20) and the least around the winter solstice (December 20). Weather, snow, shading and other factors will impact production. After we conduct an assessment of your roof, we will show you our predicted month by month energy production for your system.

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In the event of a power outage without a battery the inverter will shut down due to anti-islanding regulations needed to protect line workers. Furthermore, in order to output power this grid-tied inverter needs to see 240 volts - which is typically in the form of the grid. However, the good news is if you have a battery such as the Tesla Powerwall, then the inverter will be able to talk with it instead of the grid and you will be able to power your home in the event of an outage. Please contact us in regards to adding batteries or a zero export meter to your system!

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There are a few factors that determine how great a roof will be for solar, whether you are interested in NetMetering, pool or a battery system. Roof surfaces which face south do best, but we often install on other surfaces as well, and the systems do very well. We use a solar Pathfinder to examine how much shade falls on your roof in different areas throughout the year. We then use this information to determine how much electricity your array will produce each year. Get in touch with us and we can do a free assessment of your roof online.

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Yes, we carry liability insurance and have WSIB coverage. We also adhere to the latest Ministry of Labour Working at Heights guidelines. All of our installation staff have Working at Heights training. Certificates available upon request.

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Squirrels can cause damage by gnawing on wires. Pigeons or other birds can make a mess by building nests among the wires. Guelph Solar can help protect your solar panels. We also repair damage that has already been done.

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15% of your annual revenue for a solar MicroFIT system is made from January to March, it could be more than $700 per year if there was no snow on your panels at all. A portion of your snow clearing cost can be written off as a business expense under your solar contract. For net metering systems, clearing snow will help you save money by reducing your electricity bills.

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$500 (base cost) for the season: This would include a clearing of your driveway every time there is a snow event with at least 6 cm. This also includes having your panels cleared after a snow fall when several days of sun is predicted (about twice a season).

$40 (base cost) per driveway clearing.

$75 (base cost) per solar panel clearing.

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