What quality control steps are taken to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards?

August 2, 2018

All roof penetrations (both solar PV and pool heating systems) are individually inspected for proper seal and water-tightness. Please see this blog for information on how proper roof seal and water-tightness are achieved.

PV Systems:

- Rails are inspected upon completion of leveling stage to ensure level surface for paneling

- Wire management is inspected to ensure proper installation and clean appearance with no loose, drooping wires touching the roof

- Panels are inspected from multiple angles throughout installation process to ensure clean, square appearance with straight lines

- System strings are tested prior to final connection to ensure all system components are installed correctly and operating properly

- Any system components replaced during service/maintenance calls are tested to ensure proper operation prior to leaving work site

Pool Heating Systems:

- All system components are inspected for proper installation/operation prior to commissioning of system

- All fittings and glue joints are inspected to ensure proper glue seal with no missed/unglued connection points

- All gear clamps are re-tightened prior to commissioning to ensure proper seal between solar collectors and plumbing

- Entire system is inspected to ensure proper drainage when not in use

- Upon completion of installation/service/maintenance and once all other inspections are completed, system is pressure tested at 5 psi above standard operating pressure for 10 minutes to check for leaks and ensure proper system operation

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