Seamless Aesthetics

November 3, 2021

by Mark Hamilton.

elora black 1

Guelph Solar has designed and installed the right clean energy solution for the owners of a beautiful home near Elora, Ontario, with a major focus on visual integration between the array and the house.

Forty premium LONGi panels at 360 watts each are now delivering 15 kW of solar power to the home.

The full black LONGi panels, with black back sheets and black frames, are mounted on the black metal roof. The panels blend in seamlessly with the roof material and results in a tremendously clean aesthetic.

In addition, the project was designed by Guelph Solar using our low-profile premium racking system. The panels are mounted only 3/4 inch above the metal roof surface. Premium racking adds to the sleek aesthetic and almost eliminates the chances of squirrels or birds nesting underneath the panels.

The Elora customers can expect their new clean energy solution to deliver carbon-free electricity for decades to come.


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