Off-Grid Independence - Power your Paradise

October 24, 2019

Live completely off-grid with a solar-powered cottage.

Living off-grid is very dependant on how the user plans for their home or cottage. 3 season systems in Ontario can be fully solar powered without further considerations. 4 season systems require redundant power supply such as wind or a generator to make up for the shorter days with full snow coverage. Active users can opt to clean the snow off their solar array, but may not be acheiveable in certain situations. High quality off-grid inverters can pair and call generators when the batteries reach a set state of charge, and can top off the batteries to ensure optimal and long lasting battery use.

With receipt low solar cost, customers may elect to add more solar PV to their system to boost their winter production to match their energy loads even in the heaviest of snow.

Living off-grid in the other 3 seasons is a breeze. Long days and adequate batteries will ensure 100% up time. Again however, user beware. Not all inverters are equal and most not be overloaded. Consider in-rush currents of any pumps and compressors when designing your loads. These can greatly damage your system if the inverters' surge capacity isn't sufficient. 

It all requires in-depth analysis and care and Guelph Solar's team of engineers are here to help. 

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