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November 27, 2020

by Mark Hamilton.

Early versions of PV solar installations were designed like strings of old-fashioned Christmas tree lights. If one bulb didn’t work, or one panel, the whole thing would stop working.

PV systems have advanced light years since then, in a big way thanks to power optimizers. A power optimizer is a small electronic unit that’s mounted on the racking directly beneath each individual panel.


The optimizer maximizes the solar energy output for the panel. At the same time it collects an astounding array of performance measurements and telemetries for the panel and the entire PV system.

In real time, homeowners can access and monitor their PV system’s performance data on their smartphones using the mySolarEdge app (both iOS and Android) or from a secure web-based portal hosted by SolarEdge.

From a customizable dashboard, the homeowner has continuous tracking abilities of their PV system and can monitor a wide range of performance measurements. At a glance, there are daily, monthly and lifetime energy output total, and environmental benefits like CO2 emissions saved. Easy-to-understand comparative charts show the system’s energy production, and is selectable by the user by the day, week, month or year.

In the Layout section, it’s fascinating to watch an animated timeline that shows the system’s daily production go from zero at dawn, peaking at mid day and back to zero at dusk.

If the system includes an electric vehicle (EV) its charging status can be monitored on the dashboard. EV charging can be scheduled and activated remotely.

SolarEdge is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of PV inverters and power optimizers. Guelph Solar is proud to recommend, install and support SolarEdge products in PV solar systems across southern Ontario.

One of Guelph Solar’s clients is St Andrews Church in Guelph, Ontario. St. Andrews Church has made their SolarEdge portal open to the general public on the internet. For homeowners considering a PV installation, exploring St. Andrews dashboard is a perfect opportunity to experience the functions of the SolarEdge app and portal, see the complexity of data and information, and get a feel for the simplicity of using the interface.

solaredge dashboard

Take a real-time tour of St. Andrews active PV system in Guelph, Ontario at:

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