MicroFit Tax Information

December 29, 2017

Resources for Clients with MicroFIT

Here is some helpful info for clients who have installed a MicroFIT system. You can always feel free to contact us for more information as well! 


1. First Year

In your first year with a solar installation, you will receive a package from the CRA with information on filing for your first solar tax return. This is to get back the HST that you paid on your system. If you registered quarterly, you will receive this in the first quarter, if you registered yearly, you will receive this in the first year. Thereafter, you can use the Quick Tax Method below.

2. Second Year and Following: Quick Tax Method:  Calculating HST Repayment can be Easy

Guelph Solar does not provide tax advice - but we work with local accountants who know how to the use the Quick Tax Method. 

Contact us to get some professional Solar Tax Advice.

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