How do I know that my roof will be leak free after installation?

September 5, 2018

We take the steps to ensure that your roof is not compromised to leaks during our installation process for both asphalt shingle and metal roofing.

Installation on an asphalt shingle roof requires us to use our custom flashing kits for each bolt used to mount your solar panels. The aluminum flashing kit is slid under your existing shingles where our penetrations will be made. Our mounting bolts come equipped with a thick rubber seal that is compressed onto the shingle with our flashing sheet underneath. In addition, we caulk each bolt with a water block seal for extra protection. This provides a guaranteed water seal for the lifetime of your system. The custom flashing kit allows us to provide an optimal layout for panels to ensure you get the best possible production from your system.

Installation on a metal roof may require access to the attic to examine the structural spacing and provide our installers the correct measurements to provide a watertight installation. The same mounting bolts are used with a thick rubber washer. However, our custom flashing kit cannot be used. Our penetrations need to hit both the wood strapping provided with the metal roof and the structural rafters.  Each bolt is then caulked with our water block seal for extra protection.

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