Aaniin Community Centre, Markham ON.

July 22, 2021

By Shelby Krochuk.  

The Ainiin Community Centre, pronounced (ah-nee), meaning “hello” or “welcome” in Ojibway, is a stunning building located in the City of Markham, Ontario. This community center is a great hub for Markham’s residents and visitors, as it contains: a gymnasium, full indoor walking/running track, a gym with plenty of equipment, a large swimming pool, a library, teaching kitchens, multisensory room, media lab, dance and yoga spaces, children’s indoor and outdoor playgrounds, rental spaces and so much more. This building recently dedicated its space to become a COVID-19 vaccination center, providing thousands of vaccinations!

This attractive building was designed with solar in mind. The football field sized roof now holds 1130 solar panels, providing the building with a whopping 300Kw of power! This roof was designed and constructed to accommodate this industrial-scale solar power installation with its south facing orientation and flat, sloped (10°) roof – working efficiently even in winter months.

Guelph Solar is honored to have worked on such an incredible project, providing this center with a green energy system that will help make a significant impact into building a more sustainable future. A community center is a perfect place to install large solar panel systems, as a community center, such as Aaniin, runs high energy utilities such as heated pools, kitchen facilities and air conditioning. We hope solar installations like this inspire future development projects to incorporate solar energy into their designs and help decrease the use of non-renewable energy sources.





For more info on the building and its facilities check out their website at:


or through the City of Markham’s Website:


This link is to the buildings project team and further design details:


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