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We provide maintenance services for all solar applications: FIT, MicroFIT, Net Metering, Battery Back-up, Solar Thermal, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Trackers.

Maintenance services include:

  • System performance testing and verification on panels and inverters.
  • Audit energy production
  • Mechanical and electrical inspection and repairs
  • Snow removal - Please check our blog to learn more about our snow removal services!
  • Emergency on-call service
  • Coordinate warranty repairs
  • Routine, quarterly or semi-annual  electrical and mechanical preventive maintenance or cleaning as desired
  • Repair from pest damage and install guards to keep pests out. To learn more please check our blog!
  • Roof replacement
  • Solar panel removal and reinstall

We will always provide you with clear feedback, outlining key issues, a report on performed work and recommendations for moving forward.

If you have a maintenance job please contact us to discuss or fill out our Maintenance Intake Form.