Guelph Solar Residential PVPremium Solar Roof Solution

Looking for a new roof? It is a perfect time to install solar when you are reroofing your home or business. Why not install a roofing and solar solution that lowers your electricity bills and helps the environment at the same time?

Guelph Solar’s innovative Premium Solar Roof is a roofing and solar solution that pays for itself!

What is a Premium Solar Roof? Simply put it is a Premium Metal Roof combined with a solar panel system that creates a beautiful money saving machine. Guelph Solar will install a long-lasting metal roof under your solar panels along with a lower profile racking design that will result in a beautiful, low profile, installation.

What are the benefits of a Premium Solar Roof?

  • 40 year warranty.
  • Low Profile design is aesthetically pleasing and has the added benefit of being rodent proof – no need to buy critter guard for your solar system.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other roofing material including steel, steel tile, asphalt. In the future, if you need to reroof you can reroof around your solar panel system.
  • Locally made products.
  • Reduces the future cost of roofing. No need to remove and reinstall solar panels when reroofing.


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