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Guelph Solar engineers and installs state of the art green energy generating systems in both luxury homes and businesses. Our Premium Projects Channel is a compilation of case studies that showcase commercial and residential applications.

Premium Solar and Storage

In-House Engineering and Design • 450 Installations - Residential/Commercial
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Dave Wall is our custom Project Designer and Engineer

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Solar with Tesla Powerwall Installation

Integrated Solar with Tesla Powerwall

July 20, 2020

Learn more about integrating solar with Tesla Powerwall battery storage in this video of a residential system installed in Oakville, ON. Guelph Solar putting the sun to work at the site of Canada's largest installation of Tesla Powerwalls.

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muskoka panels snow and sun 2

Muskokas Off-Grid

February 2021

Guelph Solar designed, engineered and installed a 33 kW solar array, 3 phase system that is 100% off-grid. The ground mount array was built into the landscape to maintain the natural aesthetics of the surrounding forest.

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canadian green building award

University of Toronto Laneway Housing Project

October 2020

This innovative laneway housing project at the University of Toronto is the winner of a 2021 Canadian Green Building Award given by SABMag. The solar design for this project is for net positive - producing more than what the building needs. Guelph Solar putting the sun to work for the University of Toronto.

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