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Guelph Solar engineers and installs state of the art green energy generating systems and Tesla Powerwalls in both luxury homes and businesses. Our Premium Projects Channel is a compilation of case studies that showcase commercial and residential applications.

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Solar with Tesla Powerwall Installation

Integrated Solar with Tesla Powerwall

July 20, 2020

Learn more about integrating solar with Tesla Powerwall battery storage in this video of a residential system installed in Oakville, ON. Guelph Solar putting the sun to work at the site of Canada's largest installation of Tesla Powerwalls.

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oakville tesla and solar 2

Tesla Powerwall and PV Solar System

November 2018

President Steve Dyck chats with a Guelph Solar client in Oakville, Ontario during the installation of three Tesla Powerwalls, including a Powerwall unboxing. Designed, engineered and installed by Guelph Solar, the residential system has 27 kW of PV solar panels, two inverters and three Tesla Powerwalls. Steve Dyck also demonstrates the home’s grid configuration. He talks about the Tesla Gateway and how it monitors and intelligently routes power between the Powerwalls, the grid, the PV solar system and the requirements of the household.

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muskoka panels snow and sun 2

Muskokas Off-Grid

February 2021

Guelph Solar designed, engineered and installed a 33 kW solar array, 3 phase system that is 100% off-grid. The ground mount array was built into the landscape to maintain the natural aesthetics of the surrounding forest.

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blend in solar 5

Seamless Aesthetics

November 2021

Guelph Solar has designed and installed the right clean energy solution for the owners of a beautiful home near Elora, Ontario, with a major focus on visual integration between the array and the house.

Forty premium LONGi panels at 360 watts each are now delivering 15 kW of solar power to the home.

canadian green building award

University of Toronto Laneway Housing Project

October 2020

This innovative laneway housing project at the University of Toronto is the winner of a 2021 Canadian Green Building Award given by SABMag. The solar design for this project is for net positive - producing more than what the building needs. Guelph Solar putting the sun to work for the University of Toronto.

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hilltop berm 1

Hilltop Berm PV and Hot Water Solar System

August 2020

At a scenic hilltop residence within an hour of Toronto, Guelph Solar has completed an elaborate custom-designed PV and hot water solar system that is remarkable in design and size.

The client’s initial goal was to stop burning natural gas for heating the pool. He wanted to reduce costs and minimize greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

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