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Lower Your Hydro Bill Using Clean Power from the Sun


We all want lower utility bills. With Net Metering you can reduce your hydro bill substantially.

Net Metering is a utility billing mechanism available in Ontario that offers a credit to residential and business customers, who are making excess electricity with their solar panel systems and sending it back to the grid. This results in lower hydro bills year-round.

How Does Net Metering Work?

When you have a rooftop solar system, the electricity it produces is used right in your own home as it is being generated. Your solar can often generate more electricity than you consume during daylight hours. This excess can be sent to the grid in exchange for a credit on your bill. In the evenings you will purchase it back from the grid. 

With net metering, the homeowner is only billed for the “net” energy used each month, that is, the difference between the energy produced by the solar power system and the energy consumed by the house over the monthly billing period. 

In the summer, you will produce more electricity than you will use. The excess will be sent to the grid, resulting in a credit balance on your hydro account. You can use this credit in the winter when you will be using more electricity from the grid because of shorter daylight hours.

Let us show you how

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