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If you have a rooftop, you can produce your own energy and lock in your hydro rates for the next 25+ years. Energy rates are ever increasing. By generating your own power, you will protect your company from electricity price hikes and inflation. 

Criteria of a good solar roof;

  • The roof of the facility is in good condition with minimal obstructions to the south.
  • There is capacity on the local electrical grid to allow solar power to be added. We determine this for you.
  • Southerly roofs are highest-performing, but east-west roofs also work.

Contact us for a free assessment

Guelph Solar has the in-house capacity to get your project operational, including;

  1. Perform a consultation to determine that there is capacity to connect.
  2. Assess your facility to estimate the potential energy production and design a system customized to your facilities energy needs.
  3. Obtain all relevant permits.
  4. Construct the project with fully trained, in-house staff.

With experience on built up roofs, ballasted and non-ballasted, EPDM and sloped roofs, Guelph Solar has completed the following;

  1. Mechanical installation
  2. Interconnection studies and approvals
  3. Electrical installation, for optimized and string systems
  4. Intermediate step up transformer installation
  5. Co-ordination and approvals with ESA and LDCs