Snow Removal

January 15, 2019

Occasionally it happens that snow gets in the way of your panels making power.  Often when it snows, it is cloudy and the days are short anyways, so snow on panels does not matter.  That said, there are times when it will be sunny for several days and clearing snow from panels makes sense and $$.

How does clearing snow off the panels benefit me?

15% of your annual revenue for a solar MicroFIT system is made from January to March, it could be more than $700 per year if there was no snow on your panels at all. A portion of your snow clearing cost can be written off as a business expense under your solar contract. For net metering systems, clearing snow will help you save money by reducing your electricity bills.

What are the snow clearing plan options?

$500 (base cost) for the season: This would include a clearing of your driveway every time there is a snow event with at least 6 cm. This also includes having your panels cleared after a snow fall when several days of sun is predicted (about twice a season).

$40 (base cost) per driveway clearing.

$75 (base cost) per solar panel clearing.

We would love to take care of your snow this winter and are happy to also help those without solar equipment. Fill in the form here to or give us a call!

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