Create a Condo Microgrid with Solar and Submetering

January 31, 2019

When building a new condo or townhome complex consider combining solar with submetering to create a microgrid from the start. Solar plus electrification lowers net costs and is the ideal cost reducing, carbon reducing, future-ready option. Hydro rates are expected to increase. Buildings that produce their own clean power will enjoy locked in solar generated power rates over 25 plus years. 

Some more of the benefits of installing solar on your new build include;

  • Create high demand for your units - Sell them faster
  • Be part of the clean energy movement
  • Increase property value
  • Reduce condo fees and utility costs
  • Electrified buildings increase sellable space
  • Allow for all electric loads and avoid gas heating
  • Electric vehicle adoption is increasing. Solar is the ideal way to power electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

 Here is a schematic of a condo microgrid with solar and submetering setup.

Condo microgrid

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