Commercial Heating

November 8, 2018

Wooly Heater At Guelph Solar our installers have experience with many types of commercial solar hot water heating systems. The more hot water you use, the greater savings you'll see from your solar thermal water heating system.

You'll be increasing your profit margins by lowering your utility bills. It's also a great way to green your business and help Ontario move towards a sustainable future.

Restaurants and Pubs

A large utility bill for hot water isn't a necessary expense for restaurants and pubs. A solar thermal system will bring these bills down approximately 60%. You'll also be reducing energy consumption during the hours of peak electrical rates, which leaves your business with even more profit. A recent example is installed downtown Guelph where the hot water supplied to the frequently-used-dishwasher comes fresh off the roof. The hot water collectors have the controls and autonomous operation so that the restaurant owner need not worry about the systems.

Campgrounds and Conservation Areas

The large amount of hot water used in shower facilities and rest stations make campgrounds a great candidate for solar hot water heating systems. We tailor our systems to cope with high demand in the summer and low or no demand in the winter. With most of the use in the summer, when our systems are generating the most hot water, you can expect more than a 60% decrease in hot water heating bills. That is a good thing when you're heating water for all the showers at Hillside Music Festival.


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